1. Enactment of the Coconut Farmers and Industry Development Trust Fund Act and Use of the Coconut Levy Fund (CLF)
  • Protect the P72 billion CLF as a trust fund and use only the income under a trustworthy management system.
  • Creation of a Philippine Coconut Industry Development Council (PCIDC), a strategic alliance of stakeholders with the NEDA Director General as Chairman. Give this Council full authority to protect and manage the Trust Fund.
  • Use the Trust Fund income for the benefit of coconut farmers and coconut processing industries to produce high value products.
  • Ensure market-orientation of product development to meet local and international markets for high value coconut products.
  • All project/program proposals should meet PCIDC guidelines before approval by the Council for funding and implementation.
  • A high-powered PCIDC Secretariat shall monitor and evaluate project/program implementation.
  • For transparency, all project/program evaluation annual reports, as well as financial report shall be available to interested stakeholders.
  1. Piloting a Collaborative Provincial Agriculture and Fisheries Extension System

The Collaborative Provincial Agriculture and Fisheries Extension System (CPAFES) is a formal inter-agency network that aims to enhance livelihoods by sharing research-based knowledge with farming and fishing, families, rural communities and agriculture enterprises. The partners of the CPAFES are the DA- Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI),  Provincial Local Government Unit (PLGU), partner State University and College (SUC), DA Regional Field Office (DA-RFO), Municipal and City Local Government Units (MCLGUs), Private Sector Organizations (PSOs) and Rural Based Organizations (RBOs) operating in the Province and farming and fishing  families.    

  1. Enactment of a biotechnology bill